This old tortoise is well over 100 years old. I’m not quite that but am fully aware of the body growing older when I look at the wrinkles and feel the tightness in the joints. An old Hassidic mystic, Rabbi Nachman, once said “It’s forbidden to BE old – grow older but don’t BE old”. In other words, accept reality and at the same time keep living to your full potential, keep bringing forth new shoots.

We cannot know the fulness of joy without experiencing sadness. We cannot know freedom without also knowing fear and limitations. And we cannot celebrate and connect with others unless we also step out of our own self-pity and ego centred thoughts.

Bein over 50 bring the gift of years, the gift of experience, the gift of discovering our inner life as well as what is going on in the outer life. The morning of life has been full of adapting, fitting in, learning to live the outer life and social media, radio, TV certainly aids and abets this and prevents us from stillness.

Have you noticed how many people seem to live with their mobile phone in their had or with ear phones plugged in as they walk past you in the city. It’s almost as if they want to shut out any form of connection with others, or want to escape from having to feel anything or simply BE still with themselves.

Advertisements constantly talk about Wellbeing – but they often forget the central component BEING.

AND they concentrate on be younger – stay younger etc. Don’t grow old – rather than grow older but don’t be old.

 We say we are human beings- again BEING – taking time to BE present to ourselves…, BE in the world … BE with others – simply BE.

It’s difficult to BE when we are constantly DOING.

NOW – over 50 – it’s time to take responsibility for our life – to examine where we are and where we want to be.

James Hollis, psychologist and author wrote, “No greater difficulty may be found than living this journey as mindfully, as accountably, as we can, but no greater task brings more dignity and purpose to our lives”.

This is a CHOICE we have – don’t let someone else make the choice for who you will be or who you will become in this second half of life. This is YOUR CHOICE.

CHOOSE to grow older – but don’t be old. Let us finally grow up!