Alchemy in the Mid-life Kitchen

Gain Clarity and Purpose, and Awaken Feminine Consciousness for the Afternoon of Life

Who Am I?

As I approached mid-life over 20 years ago, I struggled to find my way. It was akin to being lost as what had guided me in the first half of life did not seem so relevant and yet I could not see what would lead me through the afternoon of life. I had to leave behind what was no longer useful and take a courageous step into the unknown. And then what wondrous horizons awaited.

I now work with women approaching and taking this journey. Many women have told me they fear loss of control, uncertainty, blocked by beliefs that no longer serve them and unsure of who they really are.

Entering the alchemical mid-life kitchen and putting all these fears into the blender is the beginning of transformation. It is the way to discovering one’s own voice, the unsung song within, and the beauty in all aspects of one’s life and becoming a conscious, empowered woman, and I invite you take this journey too. The world needs this feminine wisdom and power. As Carl Jung said, “The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you really are”.

About My Program


Who It Is For?

  • If you are a woman 45 and over and moving into or through menopause, and midlife, and feeling somewhat anxious or depressed and unsure of the future then this is for you.
  • If you find yourself over committed, over doing, tired and depleted by the demands of career, relationships, family, then this is for you.
  • If you’re feeling restless, yearning for something more, longing for deeper connections, wanting to make a difference but no idea how t o realise your deeper potentials, then this is definitely for you.

Who It Is Not For?

  • If you want to stay stuck and continue to be depleted then this is not for you.
  • If you are not ready to uncover and get rid of what is blocking you from being a woman of power this is not for you.
  • Sometimes it’s so much easier to keep being what others tell you that you should be – and you don’t want to find your own voice, then this won’t work for you
  • This is not a panacea or a miracle cure – this is about becoming. So don’t join if you want a miracle.
Module one

Standing on the Threshold of the Mid-life Kitchen


  • Be able to turn fear of the unknown into wonder and readiness
  • Understand the feelings that arise and discover what needs to be left behind or transformed
  • Know the four things that will begin the transformation


Many women find menopause a restless and uncomfortable time, hormones out of sync, and a feeling of out of control. Sometimes it is not the actual menopause but a restlessness with work, with relationships, or with life.

When you understand the meaning of menopause, or what this restlessness is about – a space in between the morning and the afternoon of life, you are able to transform what is happening into the beginning of a new journey of discovery – the discovery of who you are as strong feminine power and leader.

We will look at how the symbol of the alchemical process in the kitchen is the means of transforming all this raw and uncomfortable mess into pure gold.

Module two

Your Needs, Your Core Beliefs and Your Core Identity


  • Identify the paths that diminish you and discover the ones that enlarge you
  • Uncover the beliefs and patterns of behaviour that are wounding your soul and holding you back
  • Discover the two ingredients that enable the breakthrough process to a new you


Now that you understand that transformation is a journey, both inner and outer, we will explore more deeply what are your core needs and how your current or past beliefs are keeping you stuck.

We will learn the way to break through the barriers that block you form expressing who you really are and that this can only happen through an integration of inner and outer work.

Cooking in the alchemical kitchen requires intention and attention, sometimes stirring the pot and sometimes leaving it alone, and we discover how to know the difference, and the practices that will support us.

Module three

Breaking Through Your Limitations


  • Find what is true for you and how to live it in the world
  • How not to blame your circumstances
  • Become responsible for who you are becoming


Rediscover the true purpose of your life by courageously re-examining and rediscovering who you are, where you belong, and what is your purpose.

Often, as we work in our career, juggle family and relationships, we forget our true purpose because we have either imposed limitations on ourselves or had them imposed by society or others.

Now is the time to let go of any blame for where we are and to be responsible for who we are becoming in this stage of our life.

You will know how to work the dough, clear out the dross and be ready to step into your own authority.

Module Four

Recover Your Personal Authority and Awaken Feminine Consciousness


  • Know your values and what brought you to this point in your life.
  • Be the author of your own story and rewrite it, not replicate it.
  • Become organically connected to who you really are and what your life could be.


Within the limitation of masculine values and power system, we can become disconnected from our own deep intuition and values.

As you reconnect to your own values you will awaken your feminine consciousness, you will trust your own intuition and discover your life’s work and opportunity in this afternoon of life. You will live and lead from your own values.

You will release other people’s images, expectations, and prejudices about you, and write your own story forward every day with your own roadmap.

Module Five

Recover a Personal Mature Spirituality


  • Know what feeds your spirit and the symbols that enliven you.
  • Develop a sense of self-compassion for your particular way of being in the world.
  • Be nourished and fed by the questions of your own life so you can nurture and feed others.


You will learn how to take the hand you love – the hand of your own life – in commitment, and converse with wherever you are on the trail.

We will discover how dreams and symbols in dreams can connect you with the universe within you and are a bridge to who really are.

You will know how to hold the questions in your heart and patient to what is unsolved as you live daily into the answers in love.

Module Six

Attract and Create Relationships and Work That Mirror Your Values


  • Develop a relationship with your work that is larger than the individual job description, one that brings you alive.
  • Use your creative powers as a woman to give birth to relationships that mirror your values.
  • Be supported, loved and valued by all those close to you.


You will learn how to integrate your deepest values into work, bringing wholeheartedness and feminine intuition into your work relationships.

Keeping your eyes on what your purpose is and what is now calling you will enable you to no longer be silenced by others’ expectations and demands on you to conform or change to fit in.

You will develop powerful techniques to stand in your own authority and to live from your own nature spirituality.

Module Seven

Unlock Your Inner Wisdom – Become a Powerful Leader


  • Be mindfully aware of your inner wisdom and have improved attention, improved self-awareness and improved emotional regulation.
  • Have a deep empathy for your own body – developing that critical leadership skill.
  • Have the insight to recognise you are accountable and the tools to shift into a new way of being.


Connecting with your inner feminine wisdom you will learn practices for transforming your leadership and your life.

You will learn how to cultivate a state of wellness and become a beacon of goodness, responsiveness and clarity, even when things are tough.

Here we will develop the tools to embrace all aspects of your life, maintaining presence, aliveness and credibility without any need to blame or rationalise.

Module Eight

Integrate Your Wisdom, Your Heart, and Your Power Centres


  • Live from your three power centres – your mind or wisdom centre, your Heart or Spirit and your Power Centre and intuition.
  • Have daily practices and confidence to strengthen your feminine consciousness and unlock your potential and ability to influence others.
  • Be the woman who is crowning her wisdom – the Crone


We will recap our learning and integrate our new wisdom in all our power centres.

You will enter into a powerful relationship and bond with women who like you are changing the world with their wisdom and feminine intuition, and who will support you as you continue your becoming.

You will claim your place around the fire of awakened older women who are embracing the afternoon of life.

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