Embrace Life and Fulfilment After 50

Regain Clarity And Purpose And Awaken Your Feminine Wisdom For The Afternoon Of Life

Simple steps to navigate menopause and give birth to your true self.

Do you ever get the feeling that something inside you is trying to emerge, like a butterfly breaking out of its cocoon?

Or you’re 45 or over and experiencing menopause or the discomfort of changes within you?

If so you’re among those many women who sense that not only this transition is quite different from previous transitions, but there is something more than hot flushes and hormones awaiting you for the afternoon of life.

So, if you’re feeling somewhat anxious and depressed, and unsure of the future, then explore this program that will enable you to embrace the afternoon of life

Alchemy in the Mid-life Kitchen

Your 8 Week Transformation Program
What will it bring you? Alchemy in the mid-life kitchen will enable you to:


Turn your fear and anxiety into wonder and surprise at what you will discover


 Understand your feelings and what is blocking you from moving forward


Identify the beliefs and patterns that are wounding your soul and preventing you from giving birth to your own wisdom


Know values that will enable to write your OWN story for the afternoon of life


Develop self-compassion for your unique way of being in the world


Find and develop relationships that mirror your values, both in work and family


Love your changing body and nourish and nurture it


 Embrace self-leadership as you connect to the wise woman within you


 Live from you three power centres – Your mind, your heart and your spirit centres and become the woman who crowns her wisdom – the CRONE

Mid-life Kitchen

Is this for you?

Sign up for the 8 week dive into your transformation in the alchemical kitchen – the place where all the experiences of your morning of life will be transformed into gold for the afternoon of life

What Is Life Coaching?

If you are a woman 45 and over and moving into or through menopause

and midlife, and feeling somewhat anxious or depressed and unsure of the future then this is for you.

If you find yourself over committed

over doing, tired and depleted by the demands of career, relationships, family, then this is for you.

If you’re feeling restless,

yearning for something more, longing for deeper connections, wanting to make a difference but no idea how to realise your deeper potentials, then this is definitely for you.

If you want to give birth to your creativity

your inner wise woman, your potential and be the best version of you possible, then this is for you.

What’s In Your

1. Standing on the Threshold

When you understand the meaning of menopause, or what this restless is about – a space between the morning and afternoon of life, you are able to transform what is happening into the beginning of a new journey of discovery – the discovery of who you are a strong feminine power and leader.

2. Your Needs, your Core Beliefs and Your Identity

You will learn the way to break through the barriers that block you from expressing who you really are and that this can only happen through an integration of inner and outer work.

3. Break Through your Limitationson 

Rediscover the true purpose of your life by courageously re-examining and rediscovering who you are, where you belong and what is your purpose.

4. Recover your personal authority and awaken feminine consciousness

Learn how to break from the masculine values and power system and reconnect to your own values, trust your own intuition and write your own story, letting go of other’s expectations and prejudices.

5. Recover a personal mature spirituality

Find how dreams and symbols can connect you with the universe withing you and be a bridge to new life. Learn how to hold the questions in your heart and be patient to what is unsolved as you live daily into the answers in love.

6. Attract and create relationships and work that mirror your values

Develop powerful techniques to stand in your own authority and to live from your own mature spirituality

7. Unlock your Inner Wisdom and become a powerful leader

As you connect to your inner wisdom you will learn how to cultivate a state of wellness and become a beacon of goodness, responsiveness and clarity, even when thigs are tough.

8. Integrate your wisdom, your heart and your power centres

You will claim your place around the fire of awakened older women who are embracing the afternoon of life and you will crown your wisdom – the wisdom of the CRONE

What You Will Get?


8 online Modules

including a workbook, broken into easy to navigate topics



one on one coaching sessions

You will get 6 – 8 one on one coaching sessions



flow code

Get access to FLOW CODE for the duration of the program



Facebook Inner Circle

Get membership into private closed Facebook Inner Circle



Roza Savalyeva

8 We Take 5 Videos from Roza Savalyeva which you can keep at the end of the course




EBook – 5 Style – Solutions for Women in Mid-Life by Gloria Smythe


Total = $4339

But If You Sign Up Now you will get the course at $1599

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From Our Clients

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I wanted to send you a quick email. I’ve been doing all the activities every day and am feeling very calm and have had no overthinking issues at all. Wooo!!! I feel I have gained my confidence back and allowing myself to trust in me is also a huge help. I just wanted to say you’ve helped me so much and I’m feeling better than ever at the moment so thank you for your help. I’ll see you next week but thought it would be nice to send an email and keep in touch. Thank you. I love the program and the work we do together.

- JB – very happy

operation Director, Elegant Themes

My coaching sessions with Ann were very timely and helpful. I had been running my counselling business in a very impractical way for some years, and felt many limitations in myself. With Ann’s ability to cut to the chase, I was finally able to see both how much I needed for my own sake to make clear financial decisions and also to define my ideal client and viable target group – tasks that had eluded me.

She helped me to set clear goals, some of which I achieved within six weeks. Others are ongoing, but I now know what to do!

Her coaching has helped me to feel more confident in pricing and I have made a promising link with a new potential client network. It also clarified my focus, so I was able to improve my website copy to reflect this, and also to employ someone to update my website and to set it up for sending out a newsletter. So far, two have gone out and the feedback has been positive.

I also appreciated the links she gave me to resources for defining target audiences, client needs, sorting out my attitudes to money etc.

Thanks Ann, for the focus and clarity you have given me as well as the support to pursue my financial goals into the future.

- Kris H

I have been working with Ann 1-1 for nearly two years since I started my private practice as a counsellor. Ann has always been my voice-of-reason as my supervisor and has helped me realise my personal and professional strengths. She has also worked with me in recognising my long-held, limiting beliefs and how these were holding me back from reaching my full potential. Ann has taught me how mindfulness and critical self-examination can be a useful tool when looking to make big decisions, in both my practice and personal life. I find myself looking forward to our sessions, especially having Ann to listen to my worries and concerns with empathy and without judgement. 

- Karen C.

Registered Counsellor

I first met Ann six years ago when, alongside her coaching and counselling she was training students to be counsellors and coaches at a University. I had been studying a Psychology Course online, and realised my preference was to switch across to a Counselling Degree, along with the added benefits of on-campus learning. My decision was easy consequential to Ann’s very warm, friendly and professional assistance, along with her accolade of qualifications and experiences spanning 20 years.

 When Ann told me recently about her latest program entitled ‘Alchemy in the Mid-Life Kitchen’, I was very interested in being part of the program. This was not only because I was familiar with the expertise Ann had to offer, but also the fact that I had entered mid-life myself. Therefore, I was looking for direction and clarity in this next chapter of my life. I really enjoyed the journey of self-discovery, whereby I am gaining the inner strength to tap into my own creativity, and I have become empowered with finding meaning and purpose in my latter stages of life.

Don’t miss out on Ann’s expertise and wisdom – you will find it invaluable in your journey

- Donna N

Counsellor and Life Coach

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Who Am I?

As I approached mid-life over 20 years ago, I struggled to find my way. It was akin to being lost as what had guided me in the first half of life did not seem so relevant and yet I could not see what would lead me through the afternoon of life. I had to leave behind what was no longer useful and take a courageous step into the unknown. And then what wondrous horizons awaited.

I now work with women approaching and taking this journey. Many women have told me they fear loss of control, uncertainty, blocked by beliefs that no longer serve them and unsure of who they really are.

Entering the alchemical mid-life kitchen and putting all these fears into the blender is the beginning of transformation. It is the way to discovering one’s own voice, the unsung song within, and the beauty in all aspects of one’s life and becoming a conscious, empowered woman, and I invite you take this journey too. The world needs this feminine wisdom and power. As Carl Jung said, “The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you really are”.

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