Unleash Your Inner Leadership Power

How to love your ageing, your sense of purpose and direction and your growing wisdom and beauty as you reclaim the power of self-leadership.

Ann Moir-Bussy
Experienced transformational coach and author, Ann works with women over 50 transition to find new purpose and direction by connecting with their own inner leadership power, and manifesting their soul potential.

What We’ll Cover In This Event:

✓ The most effective ways to turn your 50’s and over into the best decades of your life,​​​​​​​

✓ Why self-love is the foundation for healing and if missing how it’s related to trauma and determines all that we do,​​​​​​​

✓ Why inner transformation is the key to wisdom and growth,

✓ How to optimize the extraordinary qualities you have and grow and blossom every day,

✓ Powerful ways we can deal with the pressure of the unknown, the fear of failure and the edge of uncertainty after 50.